I was educated and practiced as an Internal Medicine physician from the 1970’s in the Memphis, TN area, but never received any formal education in art. Mostly self-taught, my mother was a classically trained artist whose techniques I still employ. My favorite memories were watching her paint for hours. It was precious time for me, as she died before I had a chance to start painting nearly 30 years ago. I still have her metal painting box to store supplies and her palette knives.

Retiring from medicine in autumn of 2020 gave time for becoming more active in multiple art organizations here in Memphis as well as the Forgotten Coast area where we have a second home. My areas of interest are seascapes, bay scenes, and landscapes in oils, and portraiture in acrylics. My painting style is primarily impressionistic technique with some realism depending on the subject. I have enjoyed taking workshops with several local and Florida artists

I have exhibited or demonstrated with my art organizations as a solo artist or group shows at various venues locally and in Florida. I return to the beach as often as possible and draw endless inspiration from the beauty of the natural beach surroundings.